Reset Windows password with Windows Password Reset 9!


How It Works
3 Steps and you're done:

  Step 1 : Purchase and download Windows Password Reset 9.0

     Once you have purchased, you will receive an e-mail containing a downloading link.
     Please turn off your SPAM filter or check your junkmail to ensure you receive the e-mail right away.

  Step 2 : Burn your Windows Password Reset 9.0 CD

       Download our program (Windows Password Reset 9.0.ISO) and use your CD Writer to burn a CD from this ISO file.

    Tips on how to Burn Windows Password Reset 9.0 CD.

  Step 3 : Put in the CD and remove your Windows password


1. Insert Password-Reset CD in your CD drive and reboot your computer.

2. When the CD boots, you'll see Windows Password Reset 9.0 initializing (see screen shot below).
If the computer boots into Windows, it's necessary to change your computer's setup to make it boot from the CD.
If it's the case, please refer to our BIOS info page HERE.


3.Choose the password file. The first file usually is the right one.


4.Choose the user whose password you want to reset by typing it's number and pressing ENTER.


5.Type 'y' followed by ENTER to reset the password.


6.You have remove Windows password successfully. Type 'n' followed by ENTER to reboot to Windows.

Note:If you are a hacker or user trying to illegally recover a password, please do not use this product. Windows Password Reset 9.0 is designed for personal or business use only.

  Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will fix the problem or you can
return Windows Password Reset 9.0 for a full refund.